picture of custom made molded women open toed shoes.

picture of custom made molded boots with 5 laced adjustment points.

picture of custom made molded mens comfortable sandals

picture of custom moulded comfortable everyday ankle covering work boots.

picture of custom made molded leather and rubber soled tennis shoes with two laced adjustment points

picture of custom moulded comfortable calf protecting hiking boot.

picture of custom made moulded specialty ballet slippers.

picture of custom made molded open toed sandals with three adjustable straps.

picture of custom made molded comfortable everyday leisure shoes.

picture of custom made moulded comfortable platform shoes

picture of criss-crossed leather band open toed sandal.

picture of custom made molded specialy shoes for person with one leg shorter than the other.

picture of custom made comfortable rain and snow boots with 3 velcro adjustment straps.

picture of custom made high laced womens boot-shoe

picture of custom made regular Murray Space Shoe

picture of custom made velcro adjusted shoes

picture of custom molded comfortable calf protecting laced work boot

picture of custom molded comforable calf protecting velcro fastened work boot

picture of custom moulded specialty ice skating boot

MURRAY SPACE SHOE® specialty footwear is
custom made for you.

We hope you find useful information in our answers to frequently asked questions.

Q. Do I need to come visit you to order footwear?

  1. Yes, you must come to visit the MURRAY SPACE SHOE® SHOEMAKER to place your first order. We do not accept casts from anyone else. You have to be casted by the same craftsperson who will make your shoes, boots or sandals. You and your feet are important. We believe in direct one to one communication so that you can receive the highest quality service possible and the finest footwear.
Q. Will you accept foot casts made by someone else?

  1. We will not accept foot casts made by anyone. We only use casts (more correctly called “lasts”) made by us. We are making custom made footwear for you. We want to see you and your feet. We want to go over any details directly with you. There is no benefit to interference or miscommunication with a third party. We want to take responsibility for what we do. We want to be able to do our best for you.
Q. Are you the only makers of MURRAY SPACE SHOE®?

  1. Yes, we are the only makers of MURRAY SPACE SHOE® footwear. Our processes are very unique. Our desire is to provide each person with the best custom made footwear we can make so that they can experience the comfort and pleasure of wearing MURRAY SPACE SHOE® shoes, boots and sandals.
Q. Are MURRAY SPACE SHOE® good for walking?

  1. Yes, MURRAY SPACE SHOE® are excellent for walking and hiking because the shape of your feet are used to make the inside shape of your shoes, boots and sandals. The contours of your feet are inside your shoes, boots and sandals. The roundness of your heel, the contours of your arch, the size and shape of your feet in all three dimensions are all built into each pair. Your feet will be walking or hiking in a pattern of themselves. This is the key to the comfort of MURRAY SPACE SHOE®. This is why we cast your feet before we make your footwear.
Q. Can I have my foot casts?

  1. You can’t have your foot casts. We do not charge for casting. The cast we take of each foot is a three dimensional negative form of measurements. We pour up and use a positive cast (the positive cast is more correctly named a “last”). MURRAY SPACE SHOE® shoes, boots or sandals are made according to processes developed by Mr. MURRAY. The positive cast is a culmination of intellectual property rights developed by the shoe, boot or sandal artisan using proprietary trade secrets. Therefore, we don’t give away our casts (lasts) to anyone. We charge only for the making and repair of footwear.
Q. Are MURRAY SPACE SHOE® footwear orthopedic, prosthetic or therapeutic?

  1. NO! These are medical terms which express, imply or claim some type of correction, cure and/or healing attributes. MURRAY SPACE SHOE® molding methods only accommodate foot shape and three dimensional size for a good fit and comfort. If you think you need or want medical footwear. Please, go to a medical footwear provider. MURRAY SPACE SHOE® is not for everyone. We are not medical providers.
Q. What is specialty footwear?

  1. Specialty footwear is any shoe, boot or sandal which requires changes from our normal and simple styles. Any design changes, changes in materials, modifications or non-standard color selection are considered to be specialty orders. Therefore, it is important for the customer and artisan/footwear maker to agree upon changes at the time of order.
Q. What do I do when I need repairs?

  1. Send your shoes, boots and sandals back to us. We repair the footwear we make. And, because we know exactly how we made them, we can do a much better job of keeping your MURRAY SPACE SHOE® shoes, boots and sandals in good condition.

Many of our customers say their MURRAY SPACE SHOE®

are the most comfortable shoes in the world!

No California state sales tax applies for products shipped out of California. California state sales tax does apply when products are delivered in California except: when prescribed by a doctor, MURRAY SPACE SHOE® qualify as “CUSTOM MADE BIOMECHANICAL FOOT ORTHOSIS” because they are made on a positive model of the individual patient’s feet and are considered “MEDICINES” as defined by State Board of Equalization Regulation 1591 and Annotation 425.0295.

Therefore, MURRAY SPACE SHOE® are exempt from California Sales Tax, if the customer has a prescription from a licensed physician or podiatrist. The prescription MUST include the words “CUSTOM MADE BIOMECHANICAL FOOT ORTHOSIS” in order to qualify.

Prescriptions may say “for life” or any other period of time which the doctor determines that the patient will require “CUSTOM MADE BIOMECHANICAL FOOT ORTHOSIS” as a treatment of the diagnosed condition.

Since 1939 MURRAY SPACE SHOE® have been custom made

on positive model’s of the wearer’s feet because

proper form and space contribute to better comfort.

Webster’s new world college dictionary 2010 explains

“SPACE SHOE” as a custom shoe molded to the

contours of the wearer’s feet.

Mr. Alan E. MURRAY was the inventor of the concept and process of individually casting the feet and molding footwear to the shape of each person’s individual foot. MURRAY SPACE SHOE® have been found beneficial to many customers. But, due to physiological and biomechanical circumstances beyond our control we cannot guarantee shoes. We will do our best. We are dependent upon good communication by each and every customer.

There is a one-half non-refundable deposit on all footwear. We do not accept credit or debit cards. There may be a charge for adjustments after 30 days. Shipping charges will be paid by the purchaser any time shoes are returned for adjustment or repair.

MURRAY SPACE SHOE® has been making naturally fitting custom made molded footwear for many years. If you would like to know more about our unique shoes, boots and sandals please look at:




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